"My husband wanted to learn to dive and I was fearful. We put a toe in the water by purchasing a Groupon. Jeff, Ian and Dave were patient and thorough instructors. We’ve been certified for two years now and purchased all of our gear at Aqua Hut. In addition to the Fun Dives at the quarry, we’ve had the opportunity to dive in Mexico three times. We definitely want to do more and would never have explored this world without the guys at Aqua Hut.
Lynette Werning
"From day one of stepping foot into Aquahut they made me feel relaxed and comfortable like I was already part of their elite group before even setting foot in the water. They helped me find gear to fit my budget, the let me learn at my own pace and most of all they made it fun. Three years later I've earned the level of AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver), met tons of great people, made a lot of new friends and I'm still having a lot of fun. Thanks, Jeff, Ian, and the rest of the Aquahut Family. Oh yea, here I come Master Diver level.
Mike Osterhout, AOWD
Temperance, MI
"I have been a diver since 1969 but my wife, Deb, was a non-diver. After I made some dives without her on some cruises she decided that, despite barely being able to swim and being very intimidated by the water, she wanted to try SCUBA. This really shocked me but we stopped by Aqua Hut and she did an introductory dive in the pool. On the way home she said ‘that wasn’t so bad’. Shortly after our arrival at home she was asking questions about my dive gear. The very next day she said ‘I really think I want to take lessons. I can do this'. And she did. Ian patiently instructed Deb who was certified, I am so proud to say, at the age of 60. She has since dived in local quarries, the Cayman Islands where she made her 25th dive and made her 35th dive on an Aqua-Hut trip to Bonaire.
Lessons learned:
1 - It’s never too late.
2 - Diving is something you can share together.
3 - YOU can do it.
Jim and Deb Fenn

Beginning Diver Courses

Why do you want to dive? New experience, adventure, travel, social, new career or more let me tell you why Aqua Hut will become your choice to learn. First, all our classes are private and fun we want to get to know you and make sure your experience is fantastic. Two our pool is 88 degrees for your comfort and classes are flexible. Three we will take you on lifetime adventures; we organize 6 to 8 trips a year around the world. Our knowledge will insure that your trip is the best of your life (just ask our current clients). Four we only sell the best equipment and you get to try everything first before you buy. This way you truly know what you’re spending your hard earned money for. So what are you waiting for start your lifetime adventure now.

How to get started!

Stop by Aqua Hut or give us a call (419-531-4655) and we can register your online portion (academic training) and your first scuba class. This can be done at your schedule.

Online scuba class:
We offer both PADI and SSI's online open water class. Start your PADI Program now by registering online and clicking the link below. Start your SSI program now by stopping in at Aqua Hut or calling (419-531-4655) and registering with SSI.

PADI eLearning

Pool instruction:
*Can be scheduled Monday thru Thursday 11am on. Most classes are private and set up to your schedule..
*We also do scuba classes on Fridays and weekends.
As you can see we are VERY FLEXIBLE.

What Aqua Hut provides:

  • *Unlimited pool instruction (and free practice time in our 88 degree pool). As they say practice makes perfect!
  • *The use of a Total Dive System (BCD, Regulator, tank and weights).
Student provides the following:
  • *Scuba quality mask, fins, snorkel and boots.
  • *Receive a store discount when purchased from Aqua Hut (store policy is try before you buy).

SIGN UP FOR Open Water Pool Classes Online

Open Water Checkout Dives:

1. Become a preferred customer when you purchase your mask, fins, snorkel, boots, BCD and regulator system from Aqua Hut. Checkout dives and certification card are at no cost and at your schedule. Quarry admission and air fills not included. Almost 90% of our students take advantage of this program! There just not learning to dive there becoming divers!

2. Sign up for Aqua Hut group checkout dives this summer. This includes:
  • All equipment rental and Instructor fee at a low price.
  • Quarry admission and air fills not included.
  • Or pay an extra and do your dives to your schedule.

3. Complete your dives on vacation with a Universal Referral Form. Certification card not included. Add on an Aqua Hut rental card with computer and complete your dives on vacation in the comfort of the equipment you train in.

Call 419-531-4655 to set up a scuba and shop orientation.

Group Scuba Classes

Interested in learning how to scuba dive? Have a group of 4 or more people? You can take one of our group open water classes at the special rate of $390. This includes your pool training, online training, and open water dives (you must provide scuba quality mask, and snorkel). Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm for two weeks. Classes can also be done on Saturday’s and Sunday’s as well. There is a $25 make-up fee if you miss a class.