"My husband wanted to learn to dive and I was fearful. We put a toe in the water by purchasing a Groupon. Jeff, Ian and Dave were patient and thorough instructors. Weve been certified for two years now and purchased all of our gear at Aqua Hut. In addition to the Fun Dives at the quarry, weve had the opportunity to dive in Mexico three times. We definitely want to do more and would never have explored this world without the guys at Aqua Hut.
Lynette Werning
"From day one of stepping foot into Aquahut they made me feel relaxed and comfortable like I was already part of their elite group before even setting foot in the water. They helped me find gear to fit my budget, the let me learn at my own pace and most of all they made it fun. Three years later I've earned the level of AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver), met tons of great people, made a lot of new friends and I'm still having a lot of fun. Thanks, Jeff, Ian, and the rest of the Aquahut Family. Oh yea, here I come Master Diver level.
Mike Osterhout, AOWD
Temperance, MI
"If you're looking to get your open water certification, Aquahut is the place to do it. My wife and I got certified two years ago, and you couldn't have asked for a better experience. The instructors are very experienced, friendly and patient with their students. Aquahut allows you to learn at your own pace, and finish when you are ready. You're never pressured to hurry things along. The facility is clean, updated and their equipment is always in excellent condition. Jeff, Ian and Dave are always there to answer your questions or help you out. Even after you finish your certification. The pool is always available to practice your skills, try out new equipment, or do a gear check before a dive or trip. Aquahut has numerous activities going though out the year. They host seminars, wine and cheese parties, chili cook offs, dive for the cure, as well as monthly fun dives, and some pretty cool dive trips. They are a full service dive shop with new and used equipment, rentals, air fills and everything in between. If you love the underwater world, want to make lasting friendships and have a great time, stop in and see the guys at Aquahut. You won't regret it. I give them a five star rating, and would recommend their shop to anyone.
Bill Sparks

Specialty Diver Courses

How Far Do You Want to go?

To be a diver that is completely prepared for any diving situation that may occur, you will need the experience and training gained from SSI Specialty Courses. Taking our courses is your chance to begin a journey that explores beyond the surface of diving.

Each course will provide you with the proper knowledge and skills to truly consider yourself an experienced diver. Our goal is to prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead, as well as make sure you have a good time doing it!

Taking a specific number of specialties and continuing your pursuit of dives allows you to earn higher levels of diver ratings. SSI’s ratings are the only ratings in the industry that combine training and experience requirements, proving that SSI ratings are truly earned.

Courses offered:

  • Deep Diving
  • Navigation Diving
  • Night & Limited Visibility Diving
  • Search and Recovery
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Stress and Rescue
Specialty Course is $100.00 per course (excludes Nitrox and Stress and Rescue)
Manual and C-card not included in price

Nitrox is $75
Manual and C-card not included in price

Stress and Rescue is $150
Manual and C-card not included

Specialty Diver is $175 (includes two specialties excluding Nitrox and Stress and Rescue)
Manuals and C-card not included
SSI’s intermediate diver rating is higher than any other agency’s advanced courses. To earn the certification for Specialty Diver, you must complete 2 specialty courses and have done a total of 12 dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver is $225 (includes four speciaties excluding Nitrox and Stress and Rescue)
Manuals and C-card not included
SSI’s Advanced Diver rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency’s advanced diver level compares. To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have done a total of 24 dives.

Master Diver is $350 (includes four specialties and Stress and Rescue)
Manuals and C-card not included
SSI’s Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today. Divers that have completed this level have combined the knowledge, skills and experience to truly call themselves Master Divers. To earn the certification for Master Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses, Diver Stress&Rescue and have done a total of 50 dives.

Students must provide all gear except for tanks, wetsuit, and weight.